I have swollen lymph node in neck for a month now my blood tests have been all clear the doctors aren't worried but I am I also have headaches?

Get checked. Swollen nodes may be residual from a viral infection. The most common bacteria causing enlarged nodes are strep and staph so sometimes going on an antibiotic effective against them will make them smaller which makes it less likely that something bad is happening. Even in cases of lymphoma blood testing is normal. I would see an ENT for further evaluation.
See below. You describe symptoms that can only be honestly assessed by your doctor in his or her office. Only after a thorough evauation will he/she be able to come up with what's wrong and what to do to get you better.

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2 swollen lymph nodes, 12*6 and 12*7 mm in neck, low grade pain in neck, white tongue, all blood tests came normal, doctors say i, m healthy, any idea?

Lymphadenopathy. The two lymph nodes are "borderline" in size. I wouldn't be too concerned at this time, but you should have them reexamine at some point. A white tongue may be a yeast infection (we're you an any antibiotics?), and the neck pain can be from any number of things. Feel better.
ADDITIONAL EXAMS. Palpable nodes are not normal and indicate inflammation/infection. You may require biopsy of the mouth lesion. Also look for other possible "hidden' problem in the head/neck area.

Swollen lymph node in neck for three months (sometimes tender) unintended weight loss, headaches, saw doc, did blood work, still waiting, what is it?

Need more info. You doctor ordered the blood tests as it is not feasible to come to a conclusion from examining you and the history. It is not practical to provide a better opinion than your doctor who has more information than we do in this forum. I understand your concern and you need to be patient for the test results. Just to caution you, blood test may not provide answer and biopsy may be needed.

My 3 yo son has had a swollen lymph nodes in groin and neck for months but blood tests are all normal?

More info needed. More evaluation may be required. Depending on what blood tests were already done, more may be needed. Also, imaging studies, usually starting with an ultrasound may be able to help determine cause. There are many causes of swollen lymph nodes and from your question, more work up is likely needed.

Thyroidperoxadase 1200 for last year other thyroid blood tests fine, cysts on thyroid 1.3 cm, swollen lymph nodes neck pain, cancer?

No cancer. Thyroid peroxydase is a sign of hashimotos thyroiditis, that has nothing to do with cancer. Lymphoma of the thyroid extremely rare. I would not worry.

Had a swollen lymph node on the side of my neck and small one behind ear for over 4 years. Not bothersome. Not growing. Normal blood tests. Cancer?

Not to worry. One can never rule out cancer unless the lymph node is biopsied. However a lymph node that is painless and not enlarging is most likely a reactive lymph node or calcified lymph node as a result of a prior infection in the area. If the lymph node enlarges or becomes painful I would advise you to have it examined by a physician.

I had swollen lymph nodes in my neck since 4 year ago, they never bigger than 12*6 mm, I did ultrasound 4 times, and many blood tests, all ok. Ideas?

Watch and wait. You may feel the nodes every couple of weeks, if any of the the lymph gland doubles in size, becomes painful, ulcerates, or other nodes become enlarged, or you develop fever, you should see a doctor.