To supportmy immunesystem andget rid of HPV I justwant it gone I thinkabout it all dayeveryday myselfesteem went to 0 I stay home whatshouldieatortake?

Please relax. Pre-vaccine era studies showed as many as 70% of college age women had evidence of prior HPV infection. For you to hide because you got it is an over-reaction. If you have warts, you can have them frozen or otherwise removed. Your primary infection will clear regardless within 2 years if you have a normal immune system. A healthy diet & lifestyle is all you need to get better.
Law of Attraction. You are unconsciously supporting what you don't want as you "thinkabout it all dayeveryday" thus further weakening your immune system. May I suggest you focus on that period of time before you noticed the hpv? Identify with your healthy self, free of hpv, and use this visualization to replace the disturbing thoughts that are stressing your health. You could be free of the hpv within a week!