How should I breathe on advair? Should I attempt to do deep breathing exercises or train my lungs and body to breathe better? Tension won't release...

Normally. If you are using advair and feel that you are still having obstruction you have a few options. First - do you feel so bad that you are having trouble breathing? In that case, go to the er now. Second, are you just feeling poorly enough that you are a bit below standard? Then, call your asthma doc (allergist or pulmonologist), and get in. Thir, if you are slowly feeling better but still not.
Pranayama yoga. Pranayama yoga is a technique of breathing. It has shown, in medical journals, to reduce the frequency of albuterol (rescue) inhaler use in asthmatics, but yet it does not improve overall airway function, so you would need to stay on your advair (controller) therapy. Check it out on youtube.
Depends. If you want to know how to breath advair in then it depends on if you are using the round (dry powder) form or the metered dose inhaler. If you want to know how you should breath while being treated for asthma then the answer is that the goal is for you to breathe normally as if you do not have asthma. Breathing exercises are necessary for patients with severe asthma or copd.