My vit d 25 is fine (49.5) but my d1, 25 keeps rising regardless of D3 supplementation. It's gone from 58 to 115 in less than 3 years. Any ideas why?

Unusual source. !, 25 (oh)d can be produced by certain types of blood cells and result in high levels. Your doctor should investigate whether you might have a medical condition which could cause this.
1,25 values unhelpfu. To assess adequacy of your body's vitamin d stores you need to have your 25 vitamin d measured. Although 1, 25 vitamin d is the more metabolically active form the serum concentration at any given time is NT a useful measure of vitamin d sufficiency or insufficiency. Measurement of 1, 25 d is only useful in cases where a physician suspects an issue with kidney function or vitamin d metabolism.