I work a 32 hour weekend and on sunday nights after I'm in bed relaxing I get cramps from toes to groin bilaterally and huge bulges in my calves?

Overuse Syndrome. If the cramps occur in the calves and hamstring muscle groups, the cause of the cramps could be overuse of the muscles during standing and walking. I would suggest that you make an appt with a podiatirst certified in podiatric medicine. A biomechanical exam, muscle testing, gait exam and x-ray's would probably be necessary.
Need more informatio. We need more information as to what you job is and if you are on your feet all the 32 hours or you get to rest it is better you consult your doctor to find out what is causing this and what you can do to prevent it and get relief if it only happens on sunday nights and rest of the week you are ok, than it is related to what you do at work but get it checked.