What are the best eye drops to use for allergies?

Antihistamine drops. Medications that treat allergy eye symptoms come in various forms. The most immediate relief comes with antihistamine eye drops. Some of these also have mast cell stabilizing effects which decrease future symptoms as well.
Everyone's different. As a class of eye drugs the mast cell stabilizers are usually the best choice for most people. There are a number of effective agents that work well and are safe to use. Its unusual to have a preference for just one (but it happens). Work with your health care provider to select a safe effective agent that hopefully is in your medical insurance formulary.

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What are the best eye drops to use for itchy eyes with allergies?

Several options. There are vasoconstrictor drops such as visine that can help for occasional use. Patanol is an antiinflammatory that is useful. One nasal steroid, Veramyst is also approved for treating ocular symptoms (you still put it in your nose, not your eyes). Prevention is the best treatment, however, by taking a daily antihistamine or having immunotherapy. Call me if you're in my area. Read more...
Several options. There are several otc meds that available that are ocular antihistamines. Tears and similar otc moisturizing drops are helpful as well. Interestingly, there is some data that rx nasal steroids can help with ocular symptoms. Read more...