I have allergies to pets and my eyes itch. What other medicines can I use besides visine?

Zaritor. Kerotifen (zaditor) eye drops is an effective antihistamine available over-the-counter at $25 for a 5 ml vial. Control stinging by keeping vial in frig. Otherwise this drug is quite safe. Avoid problem animals as much as possible. Wash hands after petting them. There are many prescription drugs as well as immunotherapy if these measures don't work.
Antihistamine drops. Look for otc antihistamine eye drops; also focus on controlling nasal inflammation - a visit to a board-certified allergist will be rewarding! long-term cure may be possible with allergy shots using therapeutically meaningful doses - fast-track build up schedules are now offered, so you can achieve results fast and can progressively cut back on frequency without giving up benefit.