I have allergies and they are making my eyes look tired how do I make my eyes look less tired?

OTC meds won't work. Dr. Madaan is correct about inflammation leading to increased nasal blood flow & congestion. Blood leaving the nose passes through veins in the lower eyelids & cheeks. Fluid leaks out causing edema. See your pcp for nasal antihistamine sprays that reduce congestion & topical steroid sprays that control nasal inflammation. Get more sleep. Still looking tired? See your board-certified allergist.
Control inflammation. Start by getting help (see a board-certified allergist) to control nasal inflammation. 'allergic shiners' (darkened areas of skin around the eyes) result from chronic mid-face venous congestion secondary to such inflammation. Cosmetically, you may use concealers etc. Select (hypoallergenic) cosmetics carefully if you have severe allergies!