I have 15.2 hCG reading at 10dp5dt. Is there a chance this will result in a full pregnancy? I'm told this is low, is there hope?

Did u mean. 10 weeks 5 days? That is a very low b-hcg, almost indetectable by urine pregnancy tests. We do these serially, looking for changes over 48 hours so it's hard to be definate on 1 reading. If it was confirmed by ultrasound at 10w5d now the bhcg is that low it would be very surprising unless you had bleeding and a miscarriage. It is a low bhcg. Follow up w/ your doc.
If u are 10 days aft. After your period, that is too low, but u need to repeat it and do a Progesterone level in 3 days bhcg should double in 3 days and Progesterone level should be over 10.