Is it true that from too much drinking and smoking, your eyes turn a yellowish color?

Liver disease. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to hepatitis and can cause bilirubin to become elevated, thus causing jaundice and yellow eyes. More serious case is cirrhosis of the liver which can be a sign of serious liver disease. If the jaundice lasts more than two weeks, you should see a physician.
No. Drinking and smoking do not directly cause your eyes yellow. However among the many bad things that smoking and drinking can do to your body is to affect your liver. If you were to develop liver failure it can cause you to become jaundice which is a yellowish discoloration of your eyes and skin.
Maybe Hepatitis. The smoking would not turn eyes yellow, but drinking to the point of liver disease could cause jaundice with yellow skin and yellowing of the white part of the eyes. If your sclera or whites of the eyes are turning yellow, this could be serious and you should see your internist or family doctor right away.