Related Questions

Please let me know if there is an eye refractive surgery for children?

In special cases. The same gadgetry that is used for adults, can also alter the power of eyes in children. However, it requires general anesthesia, and that is simply not acceptable for a condition which will continue to change. There have been a few special cases in which one eye is impossibly too far from the power of the other eye and might therefore lose vision, but these are special.

Refractive surgery possible to correct astigmatism in eye?

Yes. Lasik surgery has built in algorithms to adjust for and correct astigmatism. It is now an all in one type of procedure.
Yes. As long as you have been evaluated and you are a candidate for the procedure, lasik can correct your astigmatism.

What do I need to do in order to get refractive surgery to correct astigmatism in eye?

Refractive surgery. Patients who are interested in refractive surgery for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism should be screen by a refractive surgeon to determine if they are good candidates. If so, then their refractive errors can routinely be managed by lasik or prk.

I used to had very less dry eyes and also minor floaters now its fading away but is it mean that I am not eligible for refractive surgery?

You are too. Young to have refractive surgery. Age limit is 18 years. Dryness and floaters are not contraindications for this surgery. You can have lasik in a few years.
Problems are not. Typical of dry eyes ; floaters at your age…. Must see an ophthalmologist for proper dx. I personally do not keep the age 18 as the limit for laser. Simple myopia stabilizes after 7-8 years of start of glasses. Hyperopia can have laser @ any age depending on diagnosis. A person becoming myopic at age 16 does not become stable till age 22-24. Keratoconus ; pathological myopia are different.