Is it good to use lemon juice for acne?

No. It's a placebo. If topical benzoyl peroxide 5% 2x/day hasn't cleared you in two weeks, or there's acne on your trunk. Get with your physician for prescription-strength rx. Acne is a serious personal and professional liability and needs to be managed with 21st century medicines. If you're old enough to be here, you're old enough to call your physician now.

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Is it good to use manuka honey and lemon juice for acne?

Adjunct only. I believe that these two "pop" remedies are both cruel internet pranks. If topical benzoyl peroxide 5% 2x/day has not cleared you in two weeks, get with your personal physician. Acne is a grave personal and professional liability, and you owe it to yourself to use what 21st century science can offer.
Prob not effective. I have not heard of this as being an effective treatment but you can always try your own experiment using traditional treatments as recommended above on one side ofmthe face oand the hone/vitamin c on the other half.
Myths. Nope. This would be a cruel and false myth that has no truth to it.

Is it good to take lemon juice for acne hyper-pigmentation on light brown skin?

Worthless. If you have hyperpigmented lesions, a hydroquinone skin bleach used sparingly may help. The key is to manage your acne, and this requires scientific rx. If topical benzoyl peroxide has not cleared you in two weeks, you'll need prescription rx from your physician.

Does lemon juice work as a good acne remedy?

No. I have never heard of lemon juice being used as a remedy for acne. You should see your general doctor or dermatologist who can give you prescription medications to get it better.

Lemon juice for removing hyperpigmentation caused by acne. I read comments about using this and they say its good but too acidic. Is it effective?

No. Postinflammatory pigmentation will fade naturally but may take up a few years. I hope you are presently being treated for acne; it can be managed effectively by ur physician. There's little to do for the little spots; a depigmenting agent is difficult to use and may end up causing more of a mess than it's worth. Enjoy life and the challenges of youth and be reassured that most people don't notice.

I have gotten mixed answers. Is baking soda and lemon juice good for clearing acne and pores? Or is it harmful to your skin?

Clearing acne. Your selection of baking soda and lemon juice will not help with your acne and lemon juice on skin can cause a rash in some people especially when exposed to the sun.

Will lemon juice help my acne?

No. Cruel Internet prank. If topical benzoyl peroxide or retinoids acid has not cleared you in two weeks, get with your personal physician.