I'm having reconstructive foot surgery due to a car wreck. Is it normal to have anxiety when having surgery?

Yes. It is very normal and you are normal. Having surgery is not natural and it is normal to have anxiety. Best of luck.
Foot surgery. The answer is yes. Please make sure the surgeon that is reconstructing your foot is qualified to perform that surgery.
Anxiety. It is very normal to have anxiety or be nervous. Good luck.
Dr Sung is right. I just wanted to add a follow-on answer. However the surgery goes (let's hope wonderfully), sometimes people can be left with the normal anxiety which becomes abnormal. If this happens, don't worry, just find a therapist experienced with resolving medical procedure issues. If you catch it early, it shouldn't be too difficult. Hope it all goes well.
If you didn't feel. Anxious i would wonder if something was wrong with you. One thing that can sometimes allay a little bit of anxiety is educating yourself about what what will happen. What to anticipate for normal versus abnormal response to surgery, what restrictions you will have and for how long? How to control pain and improve outcome? The more know you know, the better prepared you will be. Take care.
Yes. Anyone would be a little nervous about getting any kind of surgery.