Is there a way to relieve an uncomfortably tight foreskin with out having to get circumcised?

Steroid cream. I prescribe triamcinilone 0.05% steroid cream, also known as betamethasone, to be applied to the distal foreskin 2 times a day for six weeks. This combined with gentle stretching of the foreskin should help thin the skin enough to allow easier retraction of the foreskin. A circumcision may become necessary if there has been chronic infection that has caused scarring of the foreskin.
Steroid cream/ slit. 0.1% Betamethasone cream applied twice daily to tight area of foreskin may relieve this problem. Otherwise a so called dorsal slit or prepucioplasty is a foreskin preserving procedure that will relieve foreskin tightness. Good luck.
Phimosis. A cream used for eczema called Elidel (pimecrolimus) may help but an in office procedure called dorsal slit can open the foreskin enough to allow one to pull the foreskin back.