Is there any way to fix my wrinkly nose?

Laser or peel. The skin of the nose is often overlooked when performing laser resurfacing or chemical peel. Both of these can improve the texture, fine line and complexion.
Botox. A wrinkly nose is usually caused by overactivity of the nasalis muscles this can be remedied by using a small amount of Botox to decrease the muscle contraction caused by the nasalis muscles and decrease the wrinkling of the notes.
Consider botox. Wrinkles along the sides of the bridge of your nose which are made when you flex the muscles along the nasal sidewall can be treated with botox. Sometimes called "bunny lines, " these wrinkles are made in the skin when your nasal muscles contract. Botox can reduce the muscle contractions which leads to less wrinkles in the skin. See a facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist for more information.
HA for nose. Hyaluronidase acid fillers like juvederm Restylane (dermal fillers) or belotero can be used to fill under the nasal skin and it will reduce the wrinkles. Botox can be used for bunny lines that happen on sides of the upper half of the nose. Chemical peel or laser like fraxel will help as well for fine skin wrinkles.