Can there be anything in specific that someone should eat after a heart transplant to aid in the recovery?

Healthy diet. A healthy diet with fruits, vegetables, lean meats and low fat diary products is best for overall cardiovascular health, including post heart transplant. One caveat is to wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly with plenty of soap and water as you are more susceptible to infections now due to your immunosuppressive medications.
Get prof. Advice. All I can tell you in this venue is that a healthy, balanced diet is important. You should discuss this with your cardiologist because other factors need to be considered such as your own internal chemistry, blood tests, any imbalances, drugs, etc. Many people may benefit from low sodium diet but the amount of protein you should have depends on your kidney status.

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Is there anything in particular that someone should eat after a heart transplant to aid in the recovery?

Balanced diet. A balanced diet is best. Preferable a no added salt and low saturated fat diet, with a good amount of fiber.
Healthy. Healthy and multivitamins! Fruits, veggies, low fat, low carbs, mild-moderate protein. Do not take too many vitamins. Too much is no good. 100% is all the body can absorb or needs.

My friend's grandfather is currently in surgery for a heart transplant. What is something that I can make for him to eat?

Tasty. Frequently poor appetite early something he likes but low fat, low butter, low sodium see aha recommendations.
Nice Gesture. He should be eating a few days after the procedure. Why don't you ask his doctors when they believe he can eat and make him favorite dishes from home. Probably best to keep away from hi salt or buttery foods.

Please let me know if there is a specific name for a heart transplant surgeon?

Cardiac Surgeon. A cardiac or cardiothoracic surgeon specializes in surgery of the heart, lungs and other organs in the chest. This may include transplants of the heart and lungs.

Are there specific laws on who qualify for heart transplant?

Sort of. Not really laws, but a way of operating. A very careful and thorough series of tests, exams, and evaluation of your support structure is needed.
Laws, no... The international organ procurement networks provide a series of rules for each specific type of organ which govern the transplant status (rank) of the candidates. Within each institution, the transplant team determines the individual suitability of their candidates. This process is constantly reevaluated, in the hopes of getting the organs to the most affected patients.

Why peoples lives are shortened after a heart transplant?

See below. Rejection, infection, and coronary artery blockage are all accelerated after transplantation. However, peoples lives are NOT shortened by transplantation - they're greatly lengthened.
It is complicated. People who receive transplants actually have their lives lengthened on average because they were dying from a failing heart. After transplant, though, the life expectancy is less than normal because the body can reject the heart, or the heart may weaken after repeated episodes of rejection that are successfully stopped with medications, and anti-rejection meds can cause cancers or fatal infections.