Sharp pain in my ribs. What could it be?

Rib pain. Costochondritis can be the cause and topical analgesics can be of benefit.
Chest pain, ribs. Intercostal (between rib) pain very common. Strain muscle. Many other causes. Try tylenol (acetaminophen) or motrin. If not better see physician.

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I am experiencing normal UTI symptoms but recently my lower left back has a sharp pain as well as a sharp pain under my left rib. What could this be?

Kidney infection. Kidney infection or kidney stone could be present if there if one sided back pain. Also, fever and nausea would suggest infection. If the urine is cloudy, it would likely be infection. If there is blood in the urine, a kidney stone is possible. Read more...
Could be. kidney infection that spread from the bladder infection. You can get really sick from a pyelonephritis, so you should see a doctor asap. Read more...