How do I get rid of plantar warts?

Various. Treatments destroy warts but not the wart virus! there are several topicals, both otc & prescription. There is freezing, burning, & cutting. None of these always successful. You can try using tape......Any kind......Duct tape sticks well....All day every day until the warts are gone: weeks to months. Many people think they have warts but really have callouses or scars. See a dermatologist if it b.
Several treatments. You can try over the counter wart removers, but be careful: i've seen them do more harm than good. Other options your doctor might offer include cryotherapy (freezing the wart), electrocautery (burning the wart), laser treatment, or several different topical chemical treatments. If the treatment is typically uncomfortable, your doctor can numb the area before proceeding.
Most need no treatme. Most plantar warts do not require any treatment as they get better and resolve without treatment in couple of years. If these are symptomatic causing pain and dicomfort then you need treatment by your physician or podiatrist following therapies are used cryotherapy, that is freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen canthridin application with salicylic acid aldara cream immunotherapy laser rx/surgery.