I was diagnosed with periodontitis. I don't want to do surgery so are there any other options?

Keep teeth? There are different kinds of gum surgery. There is also laser surgery (lanap). The real question is do you want to keep your teeth? The correct treatment is based on the severity of the disease. Non-surgical therapy has its limits. A famous quote is...You only have to treat the teeth you want to keep.
LANAP. Lanap is laser surgery with no-cutting, no stiches, and no pain. Contact a lanap periodontist about it! we treat patients using this laser every day and have wonderful results.
Perio Protect. The perio protect method uses a custom medical tray to deliver doctor prescribed medication (hydrogen peroxide gel) into the infected pocket. The hydrogen peroxide kills the bacteria and the oxygen accelerates healing. This should help eliminate or limit the need for surgery. It also prevents the bacteria from redeveloping, so it helps prevent a re-occurrence of the disease.