I have this chronic halitosis and it's so hard and depressing. How can I get the chlorophyll tablet, or capsule?

Halitosis. Chlorophyll tables are not going to help. Most all of bad breath comes from the oral cavity or mouth. Caries, gum disease and poor oral hygiene are the usual suspects. Some bad great could be caused by sinus problems, tonsillar stones, throat infections and gut problems. I recommend you visit a dentists or periodontist to rule out gum disease, cavities or both.
See your dentist 1st. Your dentist needs to evaluate you mouth. You may have periodontal disease that needs to be treated. If the dentist cannot find any problem then you will need to see your physician to determine if there is a medical, health-related issue causing your problem.
Treat the cause. It's important to treat the cause of the halitosis and not merely cover it up. There are many causes, both dental and medical. See a dentist first. Here is more information for you to review: http://smilesapartcosmeticdentist.Com/fresh-breath-control.Htm.