Is it normal to still feel pain 5 days after wisdom teeth extraction?

Yes. However, if the pain is significant you may have a "dry socket". This is easily treated by packing the socket with a eugenol dressing. Usually it feels better almost immediately. Call you dentist or oral surgeon and have them take a look.
How bad? Sometimes it takes weeks to feel completely normal and comfortable following the removal of wisdom teeth, especially with difficult extractions or when they are impacted. If the pain has been slowly getting better, it may still be normal. If it has been getting worse, or suddenly worsened, see your dentist asap for an evaluation. You may have an infection or a dry socket.

Related Questions

I am still having pain 9 days after wisdom teeth extraction. Is this normal?

Yes. It can take weeks to couple months to heal from wisdom teeth extraction. It is always OK to contact your surgeon if you have concerns.
Post op pain. That's hard to say over the internet. If the pain is decreasing over time, you're probably fine. However, this should be discussed with the dentist who actually removed your teeth. Follow-up aftercare is part of the responsibility of your dentist and yours to ensure that everything is as expected. Call your dentist and discuss this issue.
Very common. However, the healing process is about 3-4 weeks and sometimes pain is part of it. If the pain is gradually getting better is normal. If concerned, see your surgeon for post-op examination.
Yes, but. Yes, but the pain should be diminishing. If it is not improving, see oral surgeon. You may have persistent dry socket that needs packing.
Usually no. See your surgeon for further guidance.
Unusual. The more difficult the surgery, the longer it will take to heal. Post-surgical care is part of what you paid for. Please call your specialist Oral Surgeon to report your symptoms. He/she may want to see you.

3 days after wisdom teeth extraction, bottom left of my mouth still very swollen. Normal?

It can be. Postoperative swelling following the removal of teeth may actually increase in size for the first two to three days, and will usually reach its maximum by the third postoperative day. It is not uncommon for patients to have more swelling with the removal of wisdom teeth in the lower jaw than the upper jaw.
It is common. Some degree of swelling around the mouth and sides of the face is normal after this type of surgery. However, if swelling is severe or continues for more than four days after the surgery, you should call your surgeon for post-op examination.

Is it normal for gums to heal over wisdom teeth extraction sockets? Will the sockets still be able to heal?

Yes. If you are healthy the gum tissues surrounding the extraction site will grow and grow until they merge and close over the extraction site. Underneath that some bone will also grow but more slowly than gum tissue.
Yes. It is quite normal for your gum tissue to close over the extraction site.
Absolutely. That is exactly what happens in the normal healing process.

Is it normal to have some sort of white gummy thing (like tissue substance) on the hole 5 days after wisdom teeth extraction?

YES. YES IT IS normal to have some sort of white gummy thing (like tissue substance) on the hole 5 days after wisdom teeth extraction.

Can I still pull the blood clot out 5 days after wisdom teeth extraction? What will a healthy extraction look like at this point?

Be careful. Even though you may have no more pain or bleeding it does not mean you will not have any other complications. Normally you should be fine, it will take a couple of month until the tissue re-epethelialize and fill the socket completely to look normal again. If in doubt talk back to your dentist.

Four days after wisdom teeth extraction is it okay for me to smoke and eat normally now?

Risky. You are placing yourself at greater risk by not waiting about a week.
You can already. Eat regular food and smoke, . However, I strongly recommend you don't. Smoking may cause multiple health complications that can range from mild to life-threatening (e.g emphysema, cancer, ED and etc.) It's a good time to quit.

Is it normal to have a huge hole on the upper left site 10 days after my wisdom teeth extraction?

Not uncommon. If your tooth was fully erupted and is a tooth with large roots, you can have a fairly sizeable hole in the extraction site.

9 days post all 4 wisdom teeth extraction. No pain/no infection. Can I start eating more normal food (not mush)? I do have fairly large holes.

Yes. Yes, if eating a food doesn't cause any pain, eat it. I holes will disappear over time. Rinse or flush after eating if any food particles enter the sockets.
Wisdom tooth. You can start eating more normal foods now. It sounds like you are healing normally. Keep the holes, sockets, clean by frequent rinsing. The holes will fill in over time.
Normally YES. Normally, post-op 9 days, you can eat a more normal diet, but you need to follow your dentist's/oral surgeon's instructions. You should not drink through a straw since the sucking in may create a dry socket, stay away from chewy or foods/chips with jagged edges, etc. Ask questions.
Post Op. You should be able to resume a normal diet at this time. Keep the sockets clean by brushing, flossing and at least rinsing after meals. The sockets should continue to close over time. If anything changes, call the dentist treating you.