How do I get the swelling in right submandibular gland down?

Blockage. Usually due to blockage of the duct from the gland. Massage, heat. You may need to see your md if it persists. Could be a tumor.
See oral surgeon. Unilateral swelling of this gland may include many different pathologies to include a sialolith (stone), and a visit to the oral surgeon is warranted. Good luck!

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What to do if I have swelling in submandibular gland?

See an Oral Surgeon. Such a swelling may be a result of a dental abcess, salivary gland disease, or a stone in the duct of the gland, or even in rare cases, a carcinoma. An Oral Surgeon would be able to make a proper differential diagnosis. Read more...

My wisdom tooth is coming out and my Submandibular gland in the same side is swelling on and off but never goes completely normal. Is this worrying?

Wisdom tooth. See a dentist, preferably an Oral Surgeon to determine in the tooth needs to be removed. Don't merely worry, act by getting it evaluated for palliative treatment, antibiotics if necessary and/or removal before it flares up and you have a bigger problem. Read more...