How long would it take for partial dentures to be made?

Can take 1-3 weeks. It depends on the type of partial denture, if there is significant metal in the present and how fast the lab is.
About 5 weeks . It depends on the schedules of the laboratory, dentist and patient. Approximately 4-5 weeks on average. Sometimes less.
Other choices also. Generally speaking, about a month. Temporary partials can be made in a few days to a week. Consider other more comfortable, better looking, and more permanent tooth replacements. Discuss your options with a dentist who can actually examine you, see x-rays of your mouth and discuss all your treatment options.
A month or so. I have a dental lab nearby that delivers daily, so my turn around is pretty quick. If it is a cast metal partial, that usually requires 4 or 5 appointments with maybe a week between appointments to get things back from the lab. So your looking at a month minimum from start to finish. A valplast partial doesn't take as many appointments, so 2 to 3 weeks on one of those.

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