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I 've had numbness and tingling in my right hand for awhile now. My right arm gets numbness and tingling too. I experience no pain at all.?

Multi possibilities. I am assuming that you are right hand dominant. It could be a problem anywhere from your brain to a peripheral nerve. If it is mostly on the radial (thumb) side on the hand that area is controlled by the medial nerve- common possibilities include carpal tunnel syndrome. If more on the pinky side then Ulnar nerve may be responsible. Your doctor may get Nerve conduction studies to help delineate.
My be Carpal Tunnel. What kind of work do you do? You may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, due to overuse of the hand. Easy to treat without surgery (if that's what you've got).
Neuropathy. Numbness and tingling (paresthesias) in the hand and arm can be due to nerve compression in several areas: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (from pinched nerve in wrist), Ulnar Neuropathy (nerve compression at elbow) and Cervical radiculopathy (compression in the neck) For more information on CTS see: http://bit. Ly/1xTEkXx Neuropathy: http://bit. Ly/1pAbbJw Cervical radiculopathy: https://bit. Ly/1yPwhcG.

I have a tear of my Supraspinatus tendon and my labrum tendon. I am having tingling and numbness in my right arm and hand. The same arm that my injury has occurred. Is this something that I should get seen right away about?

"Stretch Injury" You probably stretched the nerves under your shoulder (arm pit) and the symptoms should subside. If they persist your doctor (who should be a Orthopedic or Occupational Medicine doc) can order tests to further evaluate your symptoms.

Tingling and numbness in right arm and hand?

Tingling. Sounds like a pinched nerve. Take an anti-inflammatory and if no improvement get a medical evaluation.
Be seen. The most likely cause is a cervical Radiculopathy, which is basically a pinched nerve in the neck. But because of the association of cardiac disease and left shoulder and arm complaints, you would be well served to be seen. Peripheral nerve entrapment syndromes such as carpal tunnel syndrome are also a possible cause.

Having numbness in feet that radiate up to hips when getting out of the bath, tingling in my right arm and hand and excessive need to urinate. 38 yrs?

Numb feet. The signs you are describing of numb feet, tingling in hands and urge to urinate can be from Diabetes. You should be examined by a primary physicians who can run certain blood tests to rule it out. Other neuropathic and endocrine diseases can mimic this too. Don't hesitate to make an appointment.

I've had numbing tingling in right arm&hand, along with hand and wrist stiffness for 8 days now what can cause this and what dr should I see?

See your doctor. Your symptoms could be due to any number of things, from carpal tunnel syndrome to tendonitis, a nerve problem or maybe even a temporary pain from bad arm positioning during sleep. Many other possibilities. See your regular doctor who can ask you more questions and examine your muscles and nerves. Your doc should be able to determine if you need to see a specialist, and if so, which kind.