Can Buspar (buspirone) cause mania in someone with bipolar disorder?

Not reported. Mania is not one of the reported adverse reactions for Buspar (buspirone). You may be mistaking another constellation of symptoms for mania. Check with your prescriber right away!
Unlikely. Though I have never seen this, Buspar (buspirone) does have an affinity for Dopamine receptors as well as serotonin, but specific effects are not known. Increase in Dopamine and norepinephrine are likely involved with mania. It is more likely from uncontrolled cycling and appropriate dosing of a mood stabilizer is the most important. Please discuss this with your prescribing physician.
Not common. If someone taking only Buspar (buspirone) for anxiety does not cause mania unless taking as adjunct with ssri may cause restless dizziness agitation diarrhea may be person need to see professional for proper diagnosis thanks.
Haven't seen it. Buspar (buspirone) vs bupropion. I have not seen Buspar (buspirone) trigger mania or hypomania. There can be paradoxic reactions which lead to aggitation. Are you referring to bupropion (similar sounding name) or wellbutrin. It would be quite rare for buproprion to trigger mania/ hypomania.