At what age can u give ur children juice? My boy is nearly 6 months! And also do u water the juice done?

Juice is for cups. It's a source of sugar that can cut appetite for nutrient- dense foods, promote obesity & cause cavities in infants & toddlers who sip it ad-lib from bottles/ sippy cups or fall asleep without having their teeth brushed when your child weans to an open-mouthed cup ~ a year, give 16-21oz./day of milk & milk products & 0-6 oz./day of juice. Pediatric dentists discuss this at the 1-year visit.
Don't need juice. Normal healthy babies do not need fruit juice nor vegetable juice. They drink breastmilk or formula; plus some solid foods after age 6 months. Fruits that are not sour can be mashed up or pureed and given. Vegetables can be cooked first and then mashed up or pureed. However, juice is sometimes given to treat constipation (such as 4 ounces of apple or prune juice each day for a few days).