I have rheumatoid arthritis. It appears to be in remission but my specialist insists I stay on harsh meds?

Harsh disease. Untreated rheumatoid arthritis cripples people and shortens life. The disease is harsh. In some patients, I have very carefully reduced the number of meds that they take for their RA but most patients will have a flare if all meds are withdrawn. The key is to control the disease just like one would control hypertension, diabetes, depression, etc.
That is standard. In *most* patients, if they stop their immunosuppressive medications, the RA will become active again and may be harder to get back under control. Others are able to stop their medications for awhile and don't have trouble getting back under control. Very few go into permanent remission and are able to stop their medications completely.
That is correct. I am assuming you are referring to methotrexate, Enbrel (etanercept) and other disease modifying medications. If these medications are discontinued you would most likely experience a relapse of ra. The absence of active RA is the result of ongoing treatment with these medications and does not indicate the disease is cured in the classical sense.

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Dr told mom may have rheumatoid arthritis amd fibro shes 50. Are those deadly or will they give her meds. She said they gonna send her to a specialist?

Yes and no. fibromyalgia is NOT deadly, as it is more of a condition than a disease (although some would argue this). On the other hand rheumatoid arthritis is a deep body disease affecting more than just joints. While not overtly or quickly deadly, it IS progressive and can lead to significant disability. A rheumatologist IS the appropriate specialist to see to confirm and recommend treatment. Read more...
No. I am sure she will have further evaluation then she will be put on medication. Do not worry. Read more...