My 2 mont old baby has a bad diaper rash that is trying tobleed. Tried multiple rash creams but nothing works? What can I do to help with healing/pain?

Keep area open& dry. I would make sure the creams used are suitable for diaper rash, as the cream itself may be an irritant. Also, if the rash is fungal/candidal, then you would need an antifungal cream from your doctor. Sometimes, changing the brand of diaper and leaving the area open to air helps.
See a pediatrician. There are many causes of diaper rash including bactrial, fungal and certain systemic conditions. A pediatrician would be the best person to make a diagnosis and start appropriate treatment.
Diaper rash. Wash baby with soap and water. Make sure baby is meticulously dry. Exposé diaper area to air. If you have a goose neck lamp bring it close and leave it on for short intervals.