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I have a small little red bump near vaginal opening and it usually happens a week prior to my period. It hurts to wipe/pee &even have sex. What is it?

Needs an examination. Tell us your age please. This area which comes and goes may be related to an intermittent infection, likely a virus infection. I would advise you to show it to your gynecologist, if you have one. Otherwise see your PCP. Without examination of the active bump (? ulcer), it is hard to guess what it might be.

Every month 3 days before my period I would get these bumps that really hurt then burst and leave a cut on my vagina but no scabs is that normal?

Could be herpes. The most common condition that causes painful bumps that burst and form ulcers that heal herpes, but this would not be expected to occur just before each menses. See you doctor when you have this. I have no idea why this picture accompanies my answer!

I recently, 5 days ago had anal sex with my partner. It hurts badly. But not as bad as before. I feel some skin swollen around the area. I'm also on my period to, so I have period pains. And I have little bumps around my vagina that hurts. In the beginni

Herpes? This might be nothing more than physical irritation, especially of the anal area. However, the symptoms also sound suggestive of new herpes. See a doctor or clinic ASAP; if herpes, diagnosis is easiest and treatment most effective the earlier you are seen. Good luck!

I have 3 red bumps in my vagina and they just appeared after I got off my period. I'm really scared and don't know what to do im in a lot of pain

Painful. Painful bumps in the vagina could be herpes, cysts, or even represent an infectious process. The only way to know is to have a complete examination and diagnostic testing as deemed necessary by your doctor. All the best.

What if I fell discomfort in my ovaries and have a small bump in my vagina. I haven't gotten my period in a year. I'm 45 years old?

Not too worrisome. It is pretty safe to assume you are no longer ovulating as you haven't had your period for a year. So the discomfort you feel in the ovarian area may be something else: bowel/bladder/kidney issue. Most bumps inside the vagina are benign cysts. Both these symptoms can best be assessed by a visit to your doctor followed by an exam and appropriate tests, including possibly a pelvic ultrasound exam.
Need to be seen. Hello DeenaM, I see that you have probably went through menopause and it sometimes will still cause the ovaries to have discomfort. However this is not bad usually and if you have the discomfort then it needs to be discussed and checked out by your Dr. Also a bump in the vagina is common but there are many things normal and abnormal that can be present but must be examined. See the Doctor.

I am barely getting off my period and I notice a red bump in my vagina. I noticed it while shaving in the shower. Is this just a normal boil/pimple?

Needs an exam. Lumps, bumps, blisters and other skin abnormalities on the genitals need to be evaluated. An examination will be needed to know the cause and treatment.
It may not be normal. Any growth in this area, if it persists for one week or longer should be checked and verified by a physician, preferably a Gynecologist. It can be a benign condition in which case it will subside with or without treatment. But you should not ignore it especially if it is growing in size or becomes tender/painful over the next few days.