I have recently had my right ovary and tube removed due to a large ovarian cyst. How hard will it be for me to conceive?

Slightly. 1. You are at a higher risk of developing pelvic adhesions on the remaining side 2. If you are a cyst developer, then you should be aware that the same could occur on the remaining side 3. If natural conception doesn't occur within 3 months of trying, would suggest an active approach with an infertility specialist.

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I have an ovarian cyst in my right ovary since 6 months. How to treat.? took tab. Marvelon for 2 months. But not reducing the size. I'm not conceiving also

Need More Info. How long have you been trying to conceive? Have you had any testing done? What type of cyst do you have? A proper consultation with reports is required. You can see a specialist for a consult. If it has been longer than a year trying to conceive, with a cyst present, I would recommend. Laparoscopy to look inside your belly and see what is going on and also remove the cyst. Read more...