My daughter is 16 and she has unusually high blood preasure 156 over 93 she is 5ft6in. And weights 216 what is going to happen?

High blood pressure. Your daughter is considered overweight (obese). No doubt it is contributing to her high blood pressure. However, weight loss may not be the complete answer. She should undergo an extensive physical examination to see if there is an underlying reason for her obesity and or hypertension. In addition she must increase her physical activities and go on a diet directed by either a physician or nutrio.
Hopefully, your . Entire family will assure her that her weight is a health concern, not a cause for shame, & will commit to permanent diet & lifestyle changes to support her. Polycystic ovaries syndrome is a possible cause of her obesity & hypertension. Along with referrals to a cardiologist & nutritionist, her doctor may refer her to an endocrinologist, gynecologist, psychologist & physiotherapist. Just do it.