Have health anxiety, blood pressure around 135/95 sometimes slightly higher. Am I in immediate danger? Cant see a doctor. Exercise? Type?

Not immediate danger. Being 25 and no other health issue, BP of 135/95 is somewhat high but not immediately concerning at this time. Regular aerobic exercise can lower BP as well as losing wt. 10lbs of wt loss can reduce about 3-5 BP point. Google up the dash diet, and start exercise regularly and I am sure your BP will improve. If persistent, consult doc. Either way, see doc regularly. Good luck.
Probably no danger. I'd need to know your age, sex, and other health issues (heart or kidney disease, diabetes, birth control). If you are young and otherwise healthy, blood pressure can be lowered by weight loss ( if overweight), regular aerobic activity (daily, if possible, like brisk walking) for at least 1/2 hour, using less salt, eating a lot of fruit and veggies, and less alcohol or caffeine. Get home BP set.