Can a dentist tell me the benefits of rpe (regenerative periodontal endoscopy) and if it applies in any way to dental abscess intervention.

New & Limited. The benefit of rpe is to avoid performing conventional periodontal flap surgery. Whether or not it is effective enough to replace mainstream treatment methods, in my opinion, still remains to be seen. Even the dentists who use this method report some limitations to its use. An abscess is an infection, which based upon the cause requires different methods to treat it accordingly.
Uncertain. The results of rpe are promising, but i don't know of any definitive studies to prove the effectiveness of the therapy. The goal of rpe is to regain bone loss around a tooth. Abscesses can arise from tooth issues or from gum/bone issues. You should really consult with your dentist to determine the origin of the infection and go from there.
Excellent therapy. A periodontal endoscope is inserted into the pocket to visualize the surface. A micro-ultrasonic helps to debride the area, and regenerative proteins (emdogain) is placed into the pocket to regenerate the bone and the attachment. When used properly, endoscope technology allows for complete removal of gum infection and tartar in deep pockets without surgery. Must remove the cause of bone loss.