How dose Zoloft (sertraline) and respadone affect your mensuration?

Possible SE's. Zoloft may cause menstrual irregularities in 1 to 10% of women. Risperidone may cause amenorrhea or "menstrual disorder" in 0.1 to 1%, & delayed menstruation in less than 0.1% of women.
See below. Zoloft (sertraline) should not affect your menstruation. Risperidone can occasionally affect menstruation as it can affect a hormone called prolactin. A high prolactin level can cause breast development (gynecomastia) and milk secretion (galactorrhea).

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I've noticed I don't like being alone. I'm on sertraline and risperidone. I always want my mom or sis around. Why is that?

Several possible. This may be part of your depression, your psychological profile or some underlying fears. You should discuss this with your psychiatrist or clinical psychologist. Getting some insight into your personal feelings may be very beneficial.

What to do if I doubled meds (sertraline and risperidone)?

Depends. Dear Neilia6 - it depends on the reasons for taking those medications, the actual doses, and whether you are having any adverse reactions. Can you be more specific?
Depends. If this is a one time occurrence there is probably no harm. If you want to do this on a regular basis talk to your doctor about it.

I'm on sertraline and risperidone. What should I do when I feel like I'm having an anxiety attack at night/when it's starting to get dark?

Create a routine. Create a routine that you practice every day around that time -- something that occupies you and you also enjoy. It could be preparing a nice meal, or listening to music, or physically exercising, etc. You can also do breathing exercises. Here's a link to dr. Andrew weil explaining & demonstrating this: http://www. Drweil. Com/drw/u/vdr00112/the-4-7-8-breath-benefits-and-demonstration. Html.