My daughter had ear infection can she swim?

Is it middle/outer. If it is outer wait. If middle no under-water swimming for a few days.
Maybe. If it was a 'swimmers ear', she should wait until it is resolved before swimming. If a middle ear infection (fluid behind the eardrum), she may swim if there is no hole in the eardrum or no tube (pe tube), and if she otherwise feels up to it. If there is a hole or tube, she must wear an airtight ear plug.
Ear infections. First ask her treating physician.... There are several types of ear infections, middle ear, external or "swimmer's" ear or both. The ear drum can ber perforated which would make swimming ill advised until it heals. If there is any doubt, see an ENT doc...

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My daughter had ear infection on sunday. She's on day 4 of zithromax. Feeling fine. Swim lesson on friday ok?

One week rest. She may have gotten her original ear infection from swimming in the first place. G I've it a week before she goes swimming again.
Go for it. I see no reason a kid that is feeling fine can't go swimming. The water has nothing to do with a middle ear infection in the first place & should not bother it now.

My 3 year old daughter gets ear infection frequently. What can I do to improve her immunity?

There are options. A lot of this answer depends on how frequent "frequently" is, and the type and degree of infection. Assuming this is middle ear infection (otitis media), up to a couple of infections a year is not uncommon and probably does not warrant further therapy except acute treatment. More than 3 in 6 months may warrant tympanostomy tubes. Adequate rest is the most important modifiable factor for immunity.
Antibiotics/tubes. 5-6 infections in a single year is an absolute indication for tympanostomy tubes to prevent hearing loss (associated with acute infection/chronic fluid). If she is having 2-3/year for the past several years, it is also reasonable to consider tubes. Further, if she has a documented "chronic infection" or fluid with hearing loss for 3 months, she should be evaluated for tubes by your local ent.
See below. For children experiencing frequent ear infections, avoidance of exposure to tobacco smoke, adequate immunizations against pneumococcus and influenza, and utilizing small sized babycare setting instead of large daycare would be advised. Tympanostomy tube insertion should also be considered if middle ear effusion persists between bouts of infections.

My daughter has had ear infection for few days and it's raptured what can she do?

Reassurance. Now that it ruptured she will probably have less pain and will feel better. You could get a prescription for topical antibiotic drops to speed up recovery.

My daughter was diagnosed with ear infection. Is this likely to be a big problem for her?

Common problem. Most children will have at least one ear infection in their life. It is a common problem, that in the vast majority of cases leaves no permanent problem. If it becomes recurren or persistent it may require further evaluation by an ENT doctor.

My daughter has had an ear infection and a high temperature. However now her temperature is 35.6 - is this low or "might be normal for her"? Thanks

Low temperature. Does she feel cold? If that was taken axillary it could be normal, try from now on to check her temperature every now and then to get an idea what is her normal range. But there no need for worry or concern, good luck.
Depends. On how your got her temperature measured, if through the ear, under the armpit, or at the forehead, at times you get those low readings, or after you use an antipyretic, so long she is fine acting herself, don't worry.

I had a cold and developed an ear infection. Is it possible to give it to my 5 month old daughter?

Cold yes, ears no. While the cold is contagious, the ear infection is not contagious. However, when little ones get colds caused by viruses, it is not unusual for them to develop and ear infection a couple of days into the cold when their eustachian tubes plug up. So wash your hands often, especially after blowing nose and when preparing to feed your daughter, and both of you get enough rest - let grandma babysit!

I believe my daughter has an ear infection. She scratched her ear so much til it bled, now she's sleeping?

Possible. Young children may pull or scratch their ears when they are infected or have pressure in them. You should see your pediatrician in the morning.