Related Questions

Do I have pcos or endometriosis? I experience acne, facial hair, blood clotting, migraines, spotting and before I was on bc my periods were irregular.

Possible / Likely. Pcos is certainly possible - endometriosis is maybe less likely to be related to the symptoms you list. You should see your doctor for evaluation for pcos and possible treatment.

My daughter 15 yr old daughter have missed period and facial hair, does that mean she have PCOS? She is not obese.

Possible. Should have an exam and some labs to determine her hormone and metabolic status, might need an ultrasound of her ovaries.

I'm 37 320lbs 5'4 pelvic ultrasound=normal. Period only if take progest, Facial hair, fasting insulin46 ALT 76 labs Still have pcos with normal USound?

Yes. Many women with PCOS don't have visible ultrasound signs. You need to check testosterone levels, if high can cause facial hair and block ovulation causing menstrual disturbances. There is a link between PCOS, obesity and insulin resistant, your high fasting insulin indicates that. Monitor blood sugar very closely. There are several other blood test that can help confirm the diagnosis.