What are the challenges of having a relationship with a female that has been sexually abused?

Trust a problem. There is usually a problem with trust. Since the abuse is usually at the hands of someone she trusted, it is hard for her autonomic system to trust that you, too, won't abuse her someday. Maybe today. So sexual responses can be inhibited - or even exaggerated. Hard for her to know she is loved for herself (how valuable could I be if someone could do that to me? But with therapy+time it can work!
Sexually abused Fema. When a female is sexually abused she can get ptsd which can become chronic if she does not receive proper care.

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Father of 3 needing advice on relationship with companion, in which has been sexually abused in the past.\?

Difficult situation. Your companion is dealing with a painful situation, and may or may not be able to relate to you as you would prefer. Your partner's relationship with you will likely be affected by his/her relationship with the perpetrator, with all conflicting feelings. If your partner is not in treatment, this can be very confusing for both of you. If in treatment, flashbacks can still occur but there's hope.

My 40 year old daughter has never been able to maintain a healthy romantic relationship. She tends to become angry and verbally combative when relationships become more serious. Ten years ago she revealed that she had been sexually abused by a teenaged

She needs help. From what you report there is strong evidence that she needs professional psychological help now. The sooner she starts the better since therapy may take a long time. This is serious stuff. Have her family physician make a referral.
Seek help. Its important for your daughter to try to seek some professional help from a licensed psychologist. These pervasive patterns seems to be a maladaptation to the trauma she experienced early in life. With help, she will learn to deal with relationship anxiety in a more balanced a healthy way. Try to find a psychologist who specializes in trauma treatments such as EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, etc.