Is losing 3% BMI in 2 weeks good with exercise and 1200 calorie?

Healthy eating. Make half your meal vegetables and fruits. Go for variety. And keep in mind that potatoes and french fries dont count. choose whole grains & limit refined grains. pick the healthiest sources of protein. Drink lots of water. Stay active. check out http://www.Sparkpeople.Com or http://www.Myfitnesspal.Com. They offers nutrition, health, and fitness tools, support, and resources that are 100% free.
Yes, & Keep Checking. Assuming excess body fat & fat loss is your goal, then good. Keep in mind that much early wt loss is water loss, so keep recording wt daily beyond the 1st month & work on strategies you can maintain long-term; not the common loose/gain yo-yo pattern (does not work out well long-term). Building muscle mass & more activity though out the day are key strategies, not just gym workouts. Study: nusi.Org.