People keep telling me they think I'm bipolar and I seem to have all the symptoms, where do I go to get tested?

Seek expert help. The primary way to evaluate someone for a diagnosis of bipolar disorder is through a specialist such as a psychiatrist or psychologist. A self-questionnaire can give you a clue to possible illness but does not tell you if you have it. Diagnosing bipolar disorder is extremely difficult and should be left to specialists. A primary care physician may provide you with a referral.
Bipolar diagnosis. See either your family doctor or a psychiatrist/psychologist.
Self test to help. The mood disorder questionnaire is used as a screening tool to determine the possibility of bpd. Oprah (of all people) has an easy to use version of the mood disorder questionnaire at >http://www.Oprah.Com/spirit/mood-disorder-questionnaire< you can complete it online, and print out the results to bring to your family doctor.