My brother just have a heart attack and he can't work and very depress what kind of activities can I suggest?

Cardiac rehab. In addition to seeking treatment for any component of depression, most patient who have had a heart attack will benefit for cardiac rehabilitation. This is a monitored exercise program that is designed to help patients with cardiac problems develop better exercise tolerance and lower recurrence risk. It may even help lift mood. This can be discussed along with risk factor reduction with his doctor.
Consult psychiatrist. It is frequent to have depression after heart attack, cva (brain haemorrhage) or cancer. Depression should be treated just like any other illnesses. Btw poor energy and lack of initiative is one of the most common symptoms of depression.
Consult His Primary. Even primary care doctors are very adepth in treating major depression and anxiety. Psychiatry is great if he is open to the idea, but a lot of people do not want to see such a specialist "off the bat". Hopefully he has a good relationship with his current physician. If not, he needs to find at least a primary care doctor he is comfortable with. His doc will know if he needs to see a specialist.
Be Supportive. Major depression is fairly common in those who have suffered a heart attack -up to 20%. Try and get him to seek medical attention. Both counselling & medication can help. Depression can also have a neg impact on his ability to recover or willingness to take needed medications & may increase odds of recurrence. His cardiologist best to give advise exercise regimen and what activities are safe.

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I think I may have severe depression as I am missing things at work. Can clinical depression manifest symptoms of heart attack or symptoms of stress?

Yes. Depression causes anxiety which can cause chest pain. Since chest pain can be caused by many other things, not the least of which is a heart attack, please get checked out asap and if nothing physical is found, get treated by a psychiatrist and a psychologist forthwith to get out of your emotional pain. Good luck to you.
Stress & depression. Can increase chances of adverse cardiovascular events...What symptoms are you having?
Sure. So get help for your depression. Your body is telling you to do something. Do it now. It hurts and you can stop the pain. Be thankful that you have a wise body - it has just done you a big favor. Be well!

Anxiety stress depression can couse heart attack?

No although they. Can be contributing factors. When people R depressed they exercise less, gain weight, may develop high blood pressure which can lead 2added stress on the heart. Anxiety and stress over time also impact on heart health and general health and well being. Physical and mental health interact with 1another, but it is over simplistic 2blame a heart attack on depression, anxiety or stress. TakeCareOfBoth.

I went to my urology he advised me to stop testestrone replacement because has risk of heart attack I tray but I felt im not a man tire depressed. Bad?

True with risk. Unfortunately testosterone replacement therapy has received a bad rep for increased risk to heart disease. Unless your levels are below guideline, then replacement therapy should be with caution. I would recommend exercise and weight loss for improved outcome instead.
See endocrinologist. Unfortunately, most men who have been placed on testosterone, do not have a true need for the drug, and were started on it inappropriately. However there are men who truly need it. You should see an endocrinologist to evaluate whether you truly need to be on it. Recent studies suggest that there may be a higher risk of heart disease with people on testosterone, but this is not yet proven.

What the difference between my anxiety symptoms and angina? The left side of my body goes numb after eating. I've been examined in the ER and the doctors said I have no signs of heart attack, stroke, or cancer. I didn't notice I was depressed. Could I be

When it happens. Angina means heart pain which is much much more likely to occur in older people and during physical exertion while panic attacks are often random, or due to some specific trigger such as supermarket/closed space likely elevator etc...During a panic attack, the symptoms are quite like angina. Being 24 and had work-up without cardiac involvement, panic is likely. Consult doc for treatment. Good luck.