I got very nervous, panic, raised voice, long story short family problems, im 35 weeks pregnant could it harm baby? I tryed to calm fast.

Anxiety & baby. Sorry you are experiencing anxiety. Unless you are constantly in a state of high anxiety, your baby is likely fine. If you're having panic attacks, these can be treated. Since you are pregnant, you'll want to stay away from all but essential medications -- so psychotherapy will be your safest option. If needed, there are anti-panic medications which can be used, but not as first step now.
Anxiety while . Pregnant is, oddly enough, associated with increased risk in offspring of being bullied later in school, but it isn't proven to be a causal effect. Please seek help from a mental health professional now to reduce your risk of post-partum depression or anxiety, because these do harmfully impact infant development & behavior by decreasing your emotional availability & self-regulation ability..