Pain in chest and down left arm when I move neck?

Get evaluated. I always think about "what's the worst this could be? " and with chest pain and left arm pain, I would like to see you have your heart evaluated pronto. But the fact that neck movement brings on left arm pain makes me wonder if you may have a problem in the cervical discs in your neck. Get the "worst possibility" ruled out first, and move on to the less dangerous things. Don't put this off. Lgromko.

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I have slight chest pain on the left side of chest and left arm tingling that also moves to left portiin of neck. I am 21.

Doubt heart disease. Stranger things have happened, but given ur age, I doubt u have heart disease (i.e., cholesterol build-up). Perhaps an old injury to ur neck or spine or shoulder cd be playing a role (play any sports?); alternately, a neurologic or inflammatory condition cd cause it. U shd c a doctor & relay ur symptoms. Keep a log of when & where u get pain, what u r doing, how long it lasts - it'll help w/ cause.

I had crushing chest pain for half an hour with pain in neck and jaw and down left arm feeling sick and faint?

Go to hospital. These are typical symptoms of angina (lack of oxygen to the hear) or of an actual myocardial infarction (heart attack). Go to the hospital emergency room as quickly as possible...Have someone take you if possible. Take an Aspirin now.

I have chest pain, tightness & fullness; that radiates to my left arm, shoulder, neck, jaw and back. It worsens with activity & distress & lying down.

Chest pain, tightness & fullness; You provide the symptoms of an ischemia to the heart, or angina (insufficient O2)), or may be an aortic aneurysm of the arch, and arterial hypertension. I strongly suggest to have an appointment with a primary care Dr. To check your blood pressure, have an EKG in the office, refer you to a cardiologist, for a coronary angiogram, and an MRI of the chest. With these information, an intelligent treatment will be provided. Do the Dr. Appointment today, you may have a serious condition.

Shooting pain from behind my ear down my neck and into my left arm. No chest pain. I'm 21 and active. Could this be heart related?

No. Given your age it is very unlikely to be caused b ya heart problem.
Unlikely. Not likely to be a heart problem. Could be pulled muscle, strain, herniated disc or other such problem. See a doctor and get this checked. Go to ER right away if pain is severe or you develop shortness of breath, vomiting, excessive sweating or other changes. Good luck!

Feeling numbness in arm left arm tightening in chest pain in neck?

Could be cardiac. Although you are quite young, your symptoms could be consistent with a heart attack or low blood flow to the muscles of the heart. I don't know whether you have any risk factors but with this limited information I would urge you to go to your nearest emergency room or urgent care center to be evaluated immediately.

Been having episodes of severe chest pain left arm pressure point pain and neck pain. Should I be concerned?

Yes. Although you are young for having coronary artery disease but you never know. I will recommend evaluation by your pcp and/or by a cardiologist.
Chest pain. At 23y/o and female your chances of having cardiac pain are very small. Pressure point pain is almost never cardiac and almost always due to a musculoskeletal trigger. You should not lose sleep over a cardiac cause of this pain. Consult your dr. About what this pain is and how to relieve it.

30 yr old female. Left chest pain on and off for 2 yrs. It comes at rest and with exercise. Get Left arm and neck pain also. Can last for weeks.

Chest pain, chronic. Hi: there are many causes of chronic chest pain with left arm and neck pain - at rest and with exercise. Broadly, cardiac (heart related), lung (high blood pressure in lung or Pulmonary hypertension, lung clots among many others), and esophageal (food pipe) reflux. You need a careful history and physical exam to determine the various possibilities. I wish you good luck!