Is it common for people taking Prozac (fluoxetine) or other anti-depressant drugs to make inappropriate comments?

Did they before? In depression, it is common not to enjoy activities previously enjoyed. Someone who used to find humor in making inappropriate comments may stop this behavior while depressed. As mood improves, this behavior may return.
Not really. There isn't anything in my experience that suggests that Prozac (fluoxetine) or other antidepressants do that. Depression can be a part of all types of inappropriate behavior, in part because insight and judgement are affected by depression. Still, it's a personal responsibility, depressed or not, to monitor our behavior and do our best to say and do right things, including getting help for depression.

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What chemical properties and mechanisms of action make Prozac (fluoxetine) more "stimulating" than other anti-depressant drugs in the same class?

Serotonin 2C. The agonist activity of fluoxetine at 5ht2c receptors likely explains some of the positive and negative stimulating aspects of treatment with fluoxetine in terms of appetite, activation and anxiety etc. However everyone is different and "your results may vary ". Fluoxetine is not "stimulating" for everyone. Read more...