What are the risk of bladder instillations? How effective are they for treatment of ic?

Placing medicine in . Bladder. Irritations can be helpful in treating ic. Dmso is fda approved for this but can be irritating if used alone. Often bladder irritations are a cocktail of medications used together. Typically there is an initial treatment course and then intermittent use for flare up symptoms.
Very little risk. Ic falls into a realm called functional somatic syndromes.Pain real but hard to figure out and treat. Blocking ascending pain signals with med like cymbalta(not just an ssri like Prozac or zoloft, (sertraline) an snri for norepinephrine), controlling anxiety with med at night to sleep if needed, perhaps low dose gabapentin, the pain loop slows and diminishes. Do u clinch teeth at night and have headaches?