I have trouble making it to things on time. My tardiness has become an issue at work and I dunno what to do!?

Set up reminders. There are many reasons why people are chronically late. Mostly it's a bad habit. When it endangers a person's livelihood it might require counseling to figure it out. Short of that try tot set up reminders you can't ignore; celll phone alarms, people who will willing and faithfully give you reminders, set your time of arrival 30 minutes sooner and if needed your cell phone too. Start it with work!
Explore. People with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) has to do numbers of things before they leave home causing tardiness. On the other hand, adhd makes you too disorganize and forgetful. It is important to look into these factors too...
Always late. This apparently has become a psychological problem which requires help from professionals. Call your doctor for advice on who to see. Meanwhile read books on antistress measures, meditation, yoga, and be sure you are living a healthy life style.