Mild pain and occ. Mild spasms in calf. No pain walking, standing (except some positions), or laying. Dvt? Strain? No oth. Symp. No insurance scared.

Most likely muscle. Sounds like a muscle strain. If you had. Recent flight or long car ride, you should check it out to rule out a blood clot (unlikely from your description). Try some leg exercises and eat plenty of potassium containing foods and water.
Unlikely DVT. Most likely, you're describing a muscular strain or electrolyte imbalance. It's also unlikely to be peripheral arterial disease, which causes pain with ambulation (claudication).

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Mild pain and mild spasms in calf. No pain walking, laying, or standing (exc. In some positions). Dvt? Strain? No insurance. Scared. No other symptoms

Possible. The symptoms you describe could be due to any number of issues...If you have no family history of hypercoaguability, no history of trauma or extended immobility involving the leg and no swelling, warmth or redness...Then a DVT is unlikely...You could try an anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen and see how it goes. The only way to be sure would require an ultrasound be done. Read more...
CALF PAIN. There are many causes of calf pain and , certainly, DVT is one of them. The way to rule out a DVT would be a venous duplex ultrasound. You should be able to get this ultrasound relatively easily. From what you describe it does not sound like DVT but an ultrasound would make the diagnosis. Read more...