Lower back pain- what could be the cause?

Several options. Back pain is usually related to arthritic changes to the spine. Sometime back pain can be related to infections, cancer, fractures, or even other organs such as the kidney, bladder, etc. Usually pain will improve over 1-2 weeks with rest and anti-inlfammatories. If the pain last longer than two weeks I recommend seeing your physician.

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13 year old has recurring lower back pain, what could be the causes and treatments?

Are you athletic? There a lot of reason for low back pain in your age group, the most common are stress injury to lower lumbar vertebra---the key word is recurrent--need careful hx, exam, x rays--ask your general doc first.
See below. Spondylolithesis spondylolysis recurrent muacular spasmsget checked.
Several possiblities. Muscular strain, lumbar ligament inj which is failing to completely heal, si jt. Locked, lumbar vertebral dysf, quadratus lumborum muscle contracture. Must consider other med possibilities, as well, such as kidney problems. A thorough history & phys, incl. Hands-on osteopathic exam may elucidate cause. Osteopathic manipulation or even prolotherapy may prove helpful, if jt., muscular, or ligament cause.
Could be...... I would note a disc herniation is rare at this age but a spondylolysis/spondylolithesis or benign tumor like an osteioid osteoma could be present. Sometimes autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or infection can present like this, initially. A referred pain from a kidney problem/infection or GI problem may also be in the list of possibilities. He needs to be seen if pain restricts him.

How to cure lower back pain and what could be the cause, could it be piles?

Cause. You and your physician need to determine the cause of your back pain and than treat it. Do not suffer without solution, can be arthritis, sciatica, herniated disk, kidney stones among many other causes.
No. Hemorrhoids or "piles" would not be expected to cause low back pain. Need to see a doctor for an evaluation. Cannot guess a "cure" without a complete medical examination & diagnosis.

If I am now 56 years old women and I have a lower back pain what could causing this?

Arthritis. At 56, you most surely have some degenerative arthritis in your low back. That combined with out of shape core muscles will precipitate and / or cause low back pain. You need to develop a core exercise program to help get rid of this. Try rev abs from beechbody. Com or get a stability ball and dick's sporting goods.

I been having cramps like periods I have gotten test it and everything it's normal also lower back pain with it what it could be the cause?

Gynecologist. Lower abdominal cramps with back discomfort could be due to some degree of pelvic congestion, pelvic inflammatory disease or uterine/ovarian pathology assuming there's no intestinal symptoms. A rectopelvic examination by your gynecologist would be best to evaluate your symptoms. A pelvic ultrasound will be ordered as part of your evaluation.

I have lower back pain all the time what could cause it?

Several things. It could be a simple sprain, a persistent postural strain, some disc degeneration, facet arthritis, or even premature stenosis. It should be evaluated further by a specialist.