How do you know if your depression is the result of your circumstances or the result of an imbalance?

Symptoms. We used 2say if u knew the cause it was exogenous & u needed therapy if it came out of the blue it was endogenous & u needed meds. Now the thinking is if you have the symptoms of clinical depression u need meds even if you know what brought it on. Combination of cbt therapy & meds is best in most cases.
Evaluation. If you are depressed, you should see your pcp or a mental health professional. It is sometimes difficult to determine the exact cause of depression. It can be situational and due to a myriad of things. It can be due to medical/biological causes such as hypothyroidism or medications you may be taking. Plase see your pcp or other and discuss thoroughly. Bring all meds in. My best 2 u!