What are the benefits and risks of lasik surgery?

Complicated. A discussion of risks and benefits of any surgical procedure if far to lengthy to cover here. The discussion should also be personalized to the patient since some have risk factors that others do not. Suffice it to say that laser vision correction is extremely low as when compared to surgical procedures in general but all surgery carries some risk as it is dependent on the healing process.
LASIK. Lasik should be done when the glasses rx (refraction) is stable & test show you a safe candidate. Risks include dry eye, glare & haloes, infection, corneal scarring, flap issues, need for enhancement, decreased vision, & other issues. The risk of these issues is uncommon and vision threatening complications are rare. See a conservative, experienced eyemd who cares about what is best for you.
LASIK. Benefit = vision correction, eliminate prescription risks = dry eye, glare/haloes, need for enhancement, infection, corneal scarring, ectasia, decreased vision.