When after major weight loss should you give your skin to firm up before resorting to plastic surgery?

Depends. The answer will be different for different types of skin and the inherent "quality" of the skin. The amount of weight loss may be a factor. Age plays a role as well. Best to get an exam and consultation. Hope this helps!
Stable weight. You should wait until you are finished losing weight and are maintaining it. Generally the skin does not firm up with time.
Surgery after weight. The most important time point for plastic surgery after weight loss is for the patient's weight to be stable and the patient medically healthy. Patients who have had weight loss surgery can sometimes have nutritional abnormalities which must be checked and corrected prior to a large procedure. Also id the patient is still quite heavy it be worthwhile to lose more weight prior to final surgery.
At least 6 months. After massive weight loss, some skin looseness is to be expected, depending on many factors such as age, weight fluctation, body area and hereditary factors. It is best to wait to see how much improvement there may be spontaneously if skin elasticity is reasonable. Also it is critical that the new lower weight remain stable for 6+ months to assure the best outcome from surgery.
Attain stable weight. If you have had weight loss surgery you should wait 12-18 months before having plastic surgery to tighten loose skin. You should also attain a stable weight prior to surgery. After significant weight loss (with or without surgery), you will not likely get significant retraction of the loose skin on its own. Attached is before/after photo of one of my body lift patients.
When wt loss stops. It is not so much waiting for the skin to "firm up" as it is waiting for the wt. Loss to stop. Your skin is elastic and will "firm up" as you lose wt. But like everything else it can only strectch so much before it won't "unstretch". As you lose wt your skin will recover as much as it can. So the secret is to wait until you have lost all the wt you plan or can, then see about getting it removed.
18 months. Most bariatric surgeons and plastic surgeons recommend waiting 18 months after your weight loss surgery before undergoing body contouring. You should be at a stable weight for 6 months prior to surgery.
Stable. Agree -maintaining the goal weight for a few months would be best. The slower the weight is lost, the tighter the skin will be later. Of course lower age and strength training help too! good luck! and congrats on your weight loss accomplishment !
Swelling posdt wt lo. Usually all the swelling will be gone in 2-3 months and if the lose skin is excessive then your only option would be to surgically remove it.It will not shrink down.
Variable. I usually prefer patients have lost their weight down to their preferred or ideal weight and maintained that weight for at least 3 months. The skin should have tightened by this time, if it is going to happen. If it isn't going to happen, surgery to remove it is in order.
Stable. When considering post-bariatric body contouring, it is best to wait for a period of weight stability usually six months. During this time any skin contracture will occur and the laxity that is present is most likely not going to change significantly. During this time your surgeon can help you understand ways in which the excess tissue may be corrected.
Stable Weight. Timing will vary from one patient to another. Best to wait 3 to 6 months after you have achieved a “long-term stable weight” prior to proceeding with body contouring or facial surgery. Of course, your plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to specifics in your case. Best wishes for successful weight loss and successful outcomes after plastic surgical procedures.
6 months - minimum. After major weight loss, i recommend that a patient wait a minimum of six months at a stable weight before considering plastic surgery to remove excess tissue. If a patient had a gastric bypass or lap band procedure, be sure to notify your doctor.
Six months. Once you are at the weight you want and you are sticking there, start the countdown. From that point on you really should wait a minimum of six months. More would actually be better but you honestly need at least six months to allow skin the skin to retract.
6-12 months. A good rule of thumb is that a patient should be at a stable weight for at least 6-12 months prior to undergoing massive weight loss. At that point the patient will have usually seen the maximal skin retraction.